System roof rack, a set of elements for the construction of roof racks (available for Land Rover Defender, Mercedes G, Suzuki Jimny).

By choosing the right elements, the user can build his roof rack according to his needs - in this way he can determine it's length, weight and functions. He can modify it's structure at any time by adding or removing elements. The system has a uniform, unique design.

Openness, compatibility

The database of available modules and accessories will be expanded over time. New elements will appear for further functions. The user will be able to "update" his roof rack by buying new elements that will be compatible with the entire system.
Every user will be informed about new items on sale on request. We count on customer suggestions for improving existing or creating new system components.

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To ensure long-term and trouble-free use of the roof rack, all elements are made of aluminum or galvanized steel.
They are powder painted, as standard in black matt or other color indicated by the user. If any item is damaged, it can be re-sent to the manufacturer for repair.
The elements have an indefinite warranty regarding corrosion resistance.

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Depending on the duration of the trip you can customize the luggage rack to your individual needs.

For a long trip a large, spacious roof rack with railings and attachments for accessories will be useful.
For a few days trip, a short platform for transporting the roof tent is enough.
Coming for the weekend, only base beams are enough to transport bicycles, skis or kayaks.

Simplicity of use

No special skills are required for mounting / removing the roof rack and accessories. The elements are joined with standard M6 stainless steel screws. All you need to assemble is a 10 flat spanner (or ring or ratchet) and allen key 5.

Connecting elements (beams, panels) takes place next to the car . Placing the roof rack on the roof of the car requires cooperation of 2-4 people depending on the size of the set.

The roof rack is attached to the gutters with innovative brackets. For the sake of design consistency and aesthetics, they have been designed so that the fixing screws remain invisible while maintaining ease of use.

For the construction of some types of panels, a checker plate was used to improve safety while in movement.

Each beam and panel has mounting holes (round - for fixing accessories, work lamps, etc.) and innovative slots / sockets for quick mounting of load securing locks.

Components of the QUALAN M system

  • beams - the basic element of the system. Supporting beams are attached to the roof gutters. They can be used alone (e.g. for mounting lighting or transporting long elements) or combined with panels. The price of the beam includes a set of fixing elements for the roof.
    • aluminum beam - a light bar for standard applications
    • steel beam - high strength beam recommended for transporting heavy elements (f.e. roof tent)
  • panels - fill the space between the beams, form a transport platform, are used for securing cargo and accessories.
    • full panel made of checker plate
    • openwork panel made of profiles with checker plate sides
    • openwork panel made of profiles
    • terminal panel
  • railings - currently available railings:
    • side rail
    • end railing long
    • end railing short
  • accessories - additional elements that increase the functionality of the system.
    • CB antenna holder
    • awning fastening
    • Hi-Lift attachment
    • roof tents attachment
    • handle
    • mounting locks
    • rear ladder (for Defender only available)
    • tool holder
    • beer opener
    • spare tire holder
    • bike holder (coming soon)
    • canister holder
    • storage boxes (


The construction (completion) of the roof rack takes about 3 weeks. The finished trunk is sent unfolded as a package / pallet via the forwarding or courier company.
Delivery cost (EU area): from 25€ (smaller parts packages) to around 90€ (full size roof rack).
Worldwide delivering possible (cost to be agreed).


We invite you to use the on-line configuration wizard. This way you can choose interesting elements (controlling the size, price, weight of the trunk), order a visualization of the finished set and place an order.